You Can’t Do All The “Things”

you can't do it all

You can’t do all the “things” for real.

What does the “to do” list look like in your head worn-out mama? If you’re normal, the list is overwhelming and there’s no way to keep it all going without a breakdown once a month!

As one of my favorite quotes says, “You can’t ride two horses with one ass sugar bee.” – Sweet Home Alabama

Read-on for some tips and tricks to help you slim down your list by delegating or re-prioritizing so you’re only riding one horse!

Make the List

The first step is admitting you can’t do all the “things”, then put the list of “things” to paper. You’ve created some mental clutter that doesn’t need your energy.

Put everything on that paper!

This includes all of your responsibilities you have for home, work, husband and kids. Think about what is expected from you in your friend circles and put it down. Is your kid’s school dependent upon you for anything? Write it!

How about the things you want to be able to do but can’t? Do you want to vacuum out the car when you see all the crumbs? Wish the junk drawer was organized so you could find a pen? Want to send cards to everyone on their birthdays?

How about the quality time that you should be spending with husband, kids, friends?

What about your self-care? Doesn’t this keep you from wanting to kill other people?

Divide and Conquer

You’ve committed that you can’t do all the “things” but now, there they sit on the scary page you’ve created. Who needs to watch a horror film when you have the expectations of your life? Am I right?!

Take your list and make 2 lists.

“Have To’s”

The first list is the “Have To’s” where you’ll line out all of the things that have to get done or everything in your life falls apart.

Mama, you have to pay bills, feed your family, do enough laundry to keep people from smelling.

You also have to maintain the relationships in your immediate family. This means you are having quality time with your partner and kids to let everyone know you know they are important.

“Should Do’s”

This second list is full of expectations you have for yourself or ones others have for you. This is where you’re “should-ing” all over your life.

These items are things you can go on living just fine without.

Are you the classroom mom? Do you volunteer in your community?

Attend all of your kids extracurricular activities? Show up to everything they do at school including make a special vegan organic treat day to share?

Do you lead the charge in getting your besties together to stay connected? Host dinner and Super Bowl parties for the neighbors to hang out at?

How about the whole clean your house thing? Worried about dusting every nick knack? How about keeping clean sheets?

Prioritize the “Should Do’s”

The “Should Do’s” aren’t life or death and must be treated that way. You can’t do all the “things” and so you have to choose.

Number your list and make #1 the top priority. You strive to get that one done and go on from there.

If #2 falls off and your kid doesn’t get treats homemade from you, the sun will come out tomorrow. You can take your list of how spending time with them playing a game was put above the time to buy the ingredients and make the treats.

Maybe #5 was reading the book for Book Club which is one of the things you go to for self-care. Skip the book and go to Book Club anyway. If it’s truly about the friendship and reading the book interfered with making a meal for your fam bam every night, oh well. Your good friends will get it!

Check Back Next Week

Remember that you can’t do all the “things”. Make the list this week. Come back next week for tips on how to make the “Have To’s” a little easier on yourself like maybe checkout the Homey app!

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