Teething Help: Symptoms to Know and Relief Help to Get You Through

Teething can be a much worse process on already worn-out mommas if you don’t know what to be watching for or how to help your little. I’m sharing with you the 7 symptoms we see with our tiny human and the 7 relief items that work for us.

teething help

Teething Symptoms

The symptoms are probably going to mimic them being sick which is a total pain in the butt. You’re going to have to discern how they are acting differently than when they have a cold.

More than likely, you’re going to end up paying a copay at least once for the doctor to assure you that teething in the culprit for the misery they are experiencing.

Not knowing is not a mom fail, just the way momming works. This tiny human has not been on the planet long enough for you to know the difference on your own.

#1 Runny Nose

Go ahead and Google it and you’ll see that apparently listing a runny nose as a symptom is controversial. Chances are your kiddo is going to totally be snotting it up if they are teething. Experts “shmexperts” when it’s happening to you.

#2 Slight Fever

That little is probably going to have a slight fever that doesn’t go over 100. Basically they will just be feeling a little warmer than they normally do to the touch.

#3 Drooling

This one is probably the biggest sign and you’ll have to tie a bib on them so they don’t soak through their onesie.

#4 Sleeplessness

Their schedule is going to be off. They might be sleeping more or less. They might be up crying in the middle of the night and then napping longer during the days.

#5 Appetite Change

For our little, he was wanting to eat less, leaving some ounces in the bottle or delaying when he wanted to eat.

#6 Crankiness

If you’re crying because they are insanely unhappy and nothing that normally soothes them is working, they could be teething!

#7 Chewing on Everything

Having a beaver in training is a good sign that they are starting to cut a tooth. They may be going for your finger or the hard edge of your coffee table for some gnawing action so watch out.

Teething Relief

I’ve provided links for you below to the teething products that I purchased or ones similar if the exact one wasn’t available for your convenience.

If you purchase through my link, I get a “thank you” in the form of a small commission at no cost to you! It’s like tipping your waitress with someone else’s wallet.

#1 Copaiba Essential Oil

This essential oil helps with inflammation and can bring down some of the swelling of the gums. Just take a little dab of coconut oil and a drop of the Copaiba oil then use your finger to rub it on their gums.

If you’re worried about putting it in their mouth, I have read that applying it to the jaw line on the outside of their mouth can help too.

#2 Camilia Drops

The drops come in a little snap open container and you empty the full contents of one into your babe’s mouth. The ingredient are all natural and help pain along with stomach issues that might be going on.

I didn’t end up using these but have had other mommas swear by them. I’m going to start when we hit our next cutting of teeth!

#3 Ibuprofen

This is a time where a little bit of medication can go a long way if you find other things just aren’t taking the edge off enough. Use the dose of Ibuprofen recommended by your doctor. Chances are you only need it for those really bad days!

Learn from my miss and check back in with your doctor on the dose if you haven’t had a visit in the last month. Our little guy had grown too much for the dose I was giving him to do any good.

#4 Hand and Foot Teether

My son is a fan of chewing on his frozen hand and foot on the really rough days. We have a ring teether as well that we freeze but he isn’t as drawn to it for some reason. I think the fact that it’s flat and he can fit more of it in his mouth helps.

I’ve also had other parents tell me this was the only teether their kiddo went for.

#5 Teether Keys

These set of keys we don’t even put in the freezer and he grabs these to chew on regularly. They’re colorful and it keeps him away from chewing on all things wooden in our living room.

#6 Teething Necklace

Necklaces are apparently not attractive to chew on when they are on my neck to my child. We ended up tying one to his stroller and he like to play and chew on a necklace on walks.

#7 Teether Bib

This guy is like two-in-one help because you’re going to catch the massive amounts of drool and offer something to gnaw on all at the same time.

You will Survive

Hang in there worn-out momma! Just watch for those symptoms and have some things already on hand to help with relief. Cuddle that little one and remember you got this.

Need some more tip and tricks for baby?

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