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chores system

The great chore debate…

Chores can be controversial these days. Everyone is divided on whether chores should be done as being part of a family or if there should be a reward tied to the assignment. Some moms recently shared with me:

“We do not pay them or give them an allowance. It is expected and their work is inspected.”

“Don’t pay for regular household chores or give an allowance…It creates a sense of entitlement.”

“…we did not give incentives…We did give them an allowance of $1 per year of age they were…”

There are as many ways to track the chores as there are worn-out moms running their systems. You can checkout my Parenting Help Board on Pinterest for some wonderful things people have come up with. Here’s two systems a couple of moms shared with me:

“We have binders that we just typed and printed out. There is a list for every day of the week.”

“We used to have a wheel of chores…Spin the wheel and see what chore everyone is assigned.”

My thoughts

  1. I need something! Tossing out things I need them to do on the fly works but it’s not creating any consistency for my kids. How am I teaching them to run their own house and not turn into an episode of Hoarders?
  2. I want responsibilities because they are a member of the family and jobs they can pick up for extra cash! They need to know there aren’t rewards for being a functioning human and they also need to know the concept of doing a job to earn money for things they want and need.
  3. I don’t have the time or the energy to make a chart from Pinterest! I tried a checklist for each day of the week and I got tired of saying “do your checklist” and “what’s next on the checklist.”
  4. I want a system that is easy!


chores system

The links to Homey are affiliate links. If you end up loving homey like I do, I get a “thank you” in the form of a small commission at no cost to you! It’s like tipping your waitress with someone else’s wallet.

Homey App In 15 Minutes

There are several chores apps available if you hit your app store but not all of them will appeal to both your bigs and littles. I picked Homey because it doesn’t have a “this is lame” feel for my tween and teen. It also checked my box of being easy!! Try the 7-day free trial for premium to get all the bells and whistles. I’m totally the try before you buy worn-out mama. So, here goes the quick and easy steps!

chores system

  • Download Homey. We have it on the Kindle for my son, Samsung phone for my daughter and the iPhone for me.

chores system

  • Register your account with your name, email and password.

Setting Up The Basics

  • Create your “Household name” so that your kids can find you when they download their app.
  • Create a family password that will be easy for your kids to use. So far we’ve only had to enter it when they logged in for the first time.

chores system

  • Hit “Subscribe later” on the next screen to continue with the free version.

chores system

  • Next, you’ll add your kiddos in. You get to add two but beyond that you’ll have to upgrade the version. Remember, you can still try before you buy with the 7-day trial version!!

chores system

  • Pick the “Status” for your kiddo which means setting if they are a “Teen” or a “Child.” I set my tweenagers as teens because they have more options. You can pick their status now and change it later if you need to in order to make the app work for you.

chores system

Setting Up Responsibilities

  • Start with the responsibilities on the bottom menu then click the plus sign at the top of the screen. Responsibilities are things to tie to their allowance or things like screen time. I’m using it for the things I want them to do for just being part of the family.

chore system

  • You can pick one of their pre-set chores or you can make your own by clicking the “Add a chore” option at the top of the screen. I’m going to pick a chore from their “Bathroom” chores as an example.

chore system

  • Clean the mirrors I will assign to my middle child. Click on the preset chore and add more to it like a description of how you want it done or maybe what tools you want them to use to do the chore.

chore system

  • You can also set the day and time you want it done by making it recurring every week or month. Requiring a picture to prove they did the job along with requiring approval are two options I choose to set as well.

chore system

  • Now the top page of your Responsibilities will show that one of your kiddos has an assigned chore.

chore system

  • Click on the Jobs option in the bottom menu then click the plus sign. You’ll see a menu that matches the one you saw under Responsibilities but these will be used to earn money for completing.
  • Choose again from the preset list or pick the “Add a chore” option which I’m going to do this time.

chore system

  • Select “Job” on the next screen.
  • Pick a name for your chore and add a picture if you want.

chore system

  • Then on the next screen you decide if you want the job assigned to someone or make it free for everyone to pick from. I’m going to make this one “Free for all.”

chore system

Setting Up Jobs

  • Decide how much you want to pay for the job and whether or not it will be a recurring job or a one-time deal. Also pick if you want them to provide a photo and if you want the job available on the due date you set or available before.

chore system

  • Your main job screen will now show the job you added.

15 minutes and you have a chore system! No scissors, glue or markers required. Your kiddo can start completing a responsibility and earning some cash.

You can keep going and explore the “Wallet” options where you can:

  1. make a daily goal they have to met
  2. set an allowance
  3. help them create a “jar” to save money for something they want

Status On My Chores System

Things are going great and my kiddos are PUMPED to get things done. They’ve picked up jobs to clean their bathroom, empty all the trash cans and have taken care of washing, drying and folding their own laundry!!! They’ve also been fine to handle the chores I’ve assigned that they do normally anyway.

They really enjoy taking the pictures as evidence of their work along with using the “Chat” feature to talk to me at while I’m at work. I’m loving that we are getting things done, they are learning to take care of their home and that it’s sooooo easy for me to manage!

I can quickly add a job or a responsibility for something we need done and they’re excited to pick it up.

I’m going to be adding new things each week and retiring some to keep the chores fresh and their eagerness to accomplish things at a high level.

Your Turn!!

Worn-out mamas, you give it a try for FREE and see what you think. Head to your app store to download Homey, setup your family, add a couple responsibilities and jobs in 15 minutes or less.

You’re going to save time, energy and some work around the house in the end! You’re also going to teach your kiddos how to manage their home and about how to earn a dollar.

Message me with your story in the comments section, by joining my mailing list and emailing me or share at Hits N’ Mrs on Facebook. I’d love to hear about your experience and if you think it saved you some time and energy!

More to read on responsibilities and kiddos?

When it comes to controversial topics and giving your kid responsibilities, “Free-Range Parenting” is at the top of the list! Click here to read more on the topic and decide where you stand in this debate.

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