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smelly teen

Smelly teens in your house worn-out mama? Worried about how to approach the topic and not hurt their feelings? Read-on for some tips and tricks!

All Teens are Smelly Teens

Take a minute to relax a little because all teens are smelly. I’m not saying it to make you feel better. It’s a fact!

Their little bodies are starting to become adults. The process involves hormone changes which leads to increased sweat. They have sweaty feet, arm pits and other parts we’d rather not think about.

Smelling at this stage is biological, unavoidable and will eventually pass.

Other Teens Won’t Notice

Maybe your biggest worry now is what happens if the other kids notice and pick on them?

Remember they all smell bad? As a former 7th grade teacher, every single one of them stinks and nobody in the room knows it but the teacher. Teachers needed air freshener and they didn’t notice a smell in the least.

They are oblivious and self-involved. Unless it is over-the-top unusual, and in that case maybe needs medical attention, your kiddo will blend.

Now for the Smelly Teens Tips!

You are already a good and caring mama for trying to seek out some advice on how to approach this. Way to go Mama Bear!

The tips are simple but all you need to do to give yourself a pat on the back and move on.

Make Sure They Shower

Check in on them showering every day. This should be a routine they have and nothing you need to fight about but that isn’t the case for all kids.

Some kids hate taking the time away from screens for anything but you have to check it off the list.

Kid still smells after a shower?

Make sure they used soap.

This sounds dumb! Unfortunately, it isn’t.

One of my kids had been washing their hair with conditioner only and using shampoo as body wash. Not the proudest parenting moment.

Appealing way to get them to use soap?

Get them something that has a strong fragrance that looks more “grown-up”. This makes using the stuff more appealing.

Grab something on sale from Bath and Body Works for them. You can even let them pick their scent out to get more buy-in.

For boys, this might be as simple as picking up some Old Spice “Swagger” at your local grocery store.

Make Sure They Use Deodorant

Body odor is not a faint smell. If you haven’t hit it when the air shifted in the car yet after a sports game has been played or time has been spent outdoors on a summer day, you’re in for a noxious treat.

When that day comes, you buy the deodorant and put it in their bathroom drawer or in their room where they keep their things. After they’ve showered, you just say, “Go ahead on put on that new deodorant I bought you.”

It then just becomes the routine thing you check. “Did you put on your deodorant?”

Multiple kids and only one of them has the problem?

Make everyone where it when one starts to smell. Remember, they can’t smell each other. It’s like some pre-teen/teen smell force shield and nothing gets into that nose. If both of them wear it, it isn’t embarrassing either one of them. Everyone just needs it!

Bought and applied the deodorant but it didn’t work?

The words “Clinical Strength” are your best friends. I’m here to say that I sweat man stink and Clinical Strength is the only thing that works for me.

Also keep in mind, if the deodorant worked for a while and doesn’t anymore, you can switch brands and it may help. That goes for Clinical Strength and regular.

Make Sure They Brush and Floss

Seriously? I have to ask my kids if they did this at this age? How will they ever survive in college?!

Yes mama, you need to ask the question and get an answer. You may have to go old school and check the wetness of a toothbrush should said child breath Doritos feet breath in your direction.

Watched them brush and floss and it still doesn’t help?

Time for the mouthwash. Get one that changes colors when they spit to keep up the novelty.

Used mouthwash and still breath the funk?

Do they sound like they have a stuffed up nose? It might be they have backed up sinuses causing the issue.

You can try and get them to do a nasal rinse to see but more than likely you’re headed to the doc at this point for some advice.

Make Sure They Wear Socks With Shoes

There’s nothing that will kill your nostrils like a barefoot freshly out of an airtight shoe. That extra sweat bacteria creates fumes like you wouldn’t believe.

You have to make them wear socks with their shoes.

Made them wear socks and they still stink?

Grab an odor eater shoe spray and wash them if you can.

You might also check eating habits on top of the problem just being hormone related. If they eat a lot of sugary things and things with yeast like bread, they may be contributing to bacteria on their foot that way. Check out some more on that subject here.

So Remember…

  • All teens stink!
  • They don’t really smell each other.
  • It’s a phase that will pass.
  • Helping make sure they’ve done preventative steps is your job.
  • Taking them to the doctor if things seem extreme is a good idea.

Save yourself and your nose by buying a plugin air freshener in their room and Febreze is your friend!

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