Saving Your Child’s Artwork

saving your child's artwork

Saving your child’s artwork can be stressful. You may have a ton of guilt over deciding what to toss. Maybe you hate clutter but want representations of their little imaginations growing up.

You’re stuck in the cycle of “to keep or not to keep” and “where the heck do I put this stuff”! Break free from the cycle and checkout the tips and tricks below.

saving your child's artwork

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Saving Your Child’s Artwork: Determine What You’ll Keep

It can be really hard to emotionally detach and decide what’s most important out of the piles of treasures brought home. Spend a few minutes without a masterpiece in front of you and decide your criteria for what you will keep. You can use the following questions to start.

  1. Is the piece unique or did everyone cut the same tree shape and glue torn tissue paper to it?
  2. Does it show a special skill they haven’t displayed before?
  3. Was it a “gift” made specifically for you?

At the end of the month, look at the pile of what you’ve kept. Pick the top two out of the pile and keep those.

saving your child's artwork

Saving Your Child’s Artwork: Scrapbook

Throw a blank spiral-bound sketchbook into your Amazon cart and a glue stick, if you don’t have one, for each of your kids. You’ll need the sketchbook to be spiral so that the pages have room to expand because of the artwork.

Have your littles or bigs glue the artwork that you have saved for them onto the pages of the book. They may have to do some trimming to make it fit so have scissors handy too.

If they are super into art projects, let them decorate the cover and white space around their projects on the inside. Have markers, stickers, Washi tape, you name it!

You’ll save space and energy letting your child create their art scrapbook!

Saving Your Child’s Artwork: Instagram and Chatbooks

If you have an Instagram account and are addicted to the collages that you can make, compile your stacks of artsy goodness into collage photos! Share them with your friends on social media so everyone can see what great artists you have under your roof.

At the end of the year or after a few years are under your belt, make a Chatbook of all of the collages you took. Your kiddos will have their own art portfolio thanks to you.

The best part is the clutter and storage space is down to a nicely bound book!

saving your child's artwork

Saving Your Child’s Artwork: Wall of Fame

If you have a wall at the end of a hallway in your home screaming out for some decoration, you can make a “Wall of Fame”. Hang your kiddos school pictures for the year and display their finest works.

You can have several frames for several pieces or take pictures of the top picks and put them in a collage frame. When it’s time to rotate pieces, they have a picture they can save instead of the space hogging art itself.

This option makes your kiddo feel proud their work gets to be on display for guests to see and you save storage space along with your decorating budget too!

Saving Your Child’s Artwork: Apps

Both apps below have free versions as well as upgrades to a membership. Membership for differing fees up how many pieces of artwork you can save as well as potential discounts on the products you can purchase through the app.

Each of the options were easy to use and allowed you to save for multiple children. Check them out in your app store and see what you think!


The option to send everything you have in a box to them to digitize and do the heavy lifting is probably a huge benefit to a ton of tired mamas.

saving your child's artwork


The roll-up display of the artwork through the years is a pretty handy tool to have.

Saving your child's artwork

saving your child's artwork

saving your child's artwork

Saving Your Child’s Artwork: Get Moving

You have ideas at your fingertips and boxes of artwork to make some decisions on today. Take the first step and weed through what to keep based on your list of what makes the artwork precious. Finally start putting the paper into order to save for your kiddo and relieve the guilt!!

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