Natural Consequences – The Easy Way to Discipline

natural consequences

Natural consequences help you parent with less yelling and less effort worn-out mommas. No mom-shaming you about how many times you yell or what you’re yelling about.

The deal with yelling is that you are the one suffering. You’re raising your voice so that they will stop doing what is driving you absolutely nut-jobby but they aren’t as stressed as you.

Get ready for a new way to handle their obnoxious behavior while saving your voice, blood pressure and your face from that vein popping out of your head!

natural consequences

Natural Consequences: What Are They?

Think back to how your morning went. Were you late because of not doing some prep work the night before maybe? Possibly you didn’t pick out an outfit that was already to go. Could be that you didn’t think about having breakfast stuff and had to detour your day and grab something for you and the littles or bigs.

Your being late because you didn’t prep the night before became a natural consequence momma.

As adults, we all suffer these and learn how to cope with life and sometimes make changes to our behavior to ease how much we’re suffering.

Natural Consequences: Changing Your Thinking

The process to start thinking a new way can be painful. You don’t have ideas just flowing and will have to spend some time being creative.

I’m going to give you some classic scenarios that you probably go through and help identify what the natural consequence would be.

Throwing Food

Our little has begun to pitch things off of the high chair tray that he decides he doesn’t like. Since he’s decided to become picky as of late, this means almost everything goes.

House rule: you eat your food and don’t throw it on the floor

Natural consequence: you have to help pick it up and throw it away

Forgetting An Assignment

At some point, every kid is going to forget an assignment or a project at home. They didn’t have it where it should be to grab with their things and it ends up being left on the kitchen table.

Teacher’s rule: things need to be in on time or she takes points off of the assignment or project

Natural consequence: you don’t go back and get the assignment or project for them and they miss some points

Wrinkled Laundry

Maybe you’re like our house and your big kiddos do their own laundry from start to finish. And like ours, your kids don’t jump through the process and instead are pretty lazy about moving from step to step.

Inevitably, their clothes end up sitting in a basket for some time and get some major wrinkles!

House rule: they can’t leave the house looking like they pulled their clothes off of the floor to get dressed

Natural consequence: they have to iron their clothes

Not Taking A Jacket

Everywhere you go, the air is turned up too high for kids to be comfortable but for some reason, taking a jacket or a sweatshirt is to much effort.

House rule: take a jacket or a sweatshirt with you so you don’t get cold in public

Natural consequence: they freeze at the restaurant

Leaving Toys Outside

There’s something about the backyard feeling like another planet for offspring once they are done playing outside. It takes way too much effort to go back out and pick up after themselves.

House rule: bring everything inside that you took outside to play with

Natural consequence: the dogs chew up their volleyball or a neighbor steals their toy

Not Cleaning Their Room

Putting things back where they pulled them from is not challenging enough for kids and so their room looks like a giant pit.

House rule: you room needs to be clean for company

Natural consequence: if you ask for a friend to come over and your room is a disaster, the answer is no

They Break Something

They are messing around with a ball in the house. You’ve asked them not to and to take care of other things. In the process, something gets broken.

House rule: no playing with the ball in the house

Natural consequence: they do extra jobs to earn money to pay for what they broke

natural consequences

Natural Consequences: Next Steps

Make a list of the top issues you’re having at home that help get your vocal chords a workout. Next, come up with the natural consequence to fit the crime.

When your kiddo breaks the rule again, calmly tell them their natural consequence. Get ready for them to be the one yelling while you try to keep yourself from smiling because you won this round!

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