Morning Sickness Remedies

morning sickness

Morning sickness is no joke! Nausea that lasts all day is miserable and you more than likely aren’t even sharing the good news of what’s happening to you.

If you’re stuck in this horrible space, first, feel comfort knowing that it will more than likely pass for you. Second, read-on for tips and tricks to help you make it through!

morning sickness
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What works for someone else’s morning sickness might not work for you. You’re probably going to hear an overwhelming amount of advice from people but don’t feel defeated if what you try doesn’t work for you.

Think about what you do when you’re nauseous and aren’t pregnant. Do you go for salty or sweet? Are you drawn towards chewing or sucking on something while it lasts?

Try the tried and true for you first then experiment with some other ideas.


My grandmother always gave you ginger ale if you had an upset stomach and it turns out, she was right on with her remedy.

Apparently ginger helps both the brain and your stomach to get you beyond the nausea and it’s safe to use in pregnancy. Luckily, we have more than ginger ale to resort to if you want to try this method out for morning sickness.

Crystalized Ginger

Crystalized ginger is potent, somewhat squishy in texture, and covered in granulated sugar. You can suck on them or chew them but beware that they are spicy if you aren’t a person that enjoys hot stuff.

If Big Red gum hurts your tongue, steer clear of this option mama!

Ginger-Lemon Mocktail

Grab some fresh ginger and a lemon from the produce section of your local grocery store.

  • Peel about 2 in of the ginger, leaving it still attached to the larger piece. Then use the peeler to peel the ginger into a pot filled with 4 cups of water.
  • Add in some honey or agave to sweeten it up. You can start with 1 tsp per cup and add more to taste.
  • Slice 1 lemon and add it to the pot.
  • Boil the concoction on the stove for 5 minutes.
  • Strain with a strainer into 4 mason jars for storage. (Use a paper towel to strain if you don’t have a strainer.)
  • You can add one of the lemon slices back into each jar to help it to continue to flavor your drink.

Have your drink hot as is like a hot toddy or serve it cold with some sparkling water added in for fun!

Acupressure Wrist Bands

Going the wrist band route for your morning sickness is a more convenient solution than needing to prep a drink or stop to eat something. The bands fit around both wrists and apply pressure to a pressure point to help relieve the nauseous feeling.

There are different brands to try out there but the concept is the same. I used Psi Bands for motion sickness and then transitioned them to morning sickness help.

Not the most logical reason to pick the Psi Bands but they come in cute colors and designs to go with different outfits!

Earth Mama Morning Wellness Tea

I did not try Earth Mama Morning Wellness Tea out but my sister did and swears by it. I love this company and stand behind their amazing Organic Nipple Butter for breastfeeding!

The tea contains pregnancy safe ingredients including ginger and mint to help the nausea. It also has a lovely note on each tea bag to help make your day a little brighter while you want to puke your guts out.

Unisom and B6 Vitamins

When other things don’t work, it’s probably time to try some medicine. The good news is that you can try an over-the-counter option before heading to the doctor.

Grab yourself the sleep aide Unisom and a bottle of B6 vitamins. Take one of each 3 times a day to take the edge off of nausea. Both are safe for pregnancy.

You might be really questioning why you would take something that helps you sleep while you’re already as tired as all get out from being pregnant. Trust me, if you have nausea and nothing else works, you have to get this!

When All Else Fails…

Go to the doctor to get help with your morning sickness. You want to do what’s best for the baby which is why you tried all over-the counter options that you could.

Now it’s time to head to someone who knows how to help you stay healthy for the baby using some medical interventions that have proven safe for you to use.

Looking for more help besides morning sickness remedies?

Checkout this quick article about some things to do to prep for baby coming! It will help weed out some of the nonsense that you think you have to get done.

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    While we wait for better research to come in, Sirott likes to remind her patients that morning sickness can be a good thing. “It’s a normal part of pregnancy, and it usually means the pregnancy is going well. But that doesn’t mean not getting sick is a bad thing, either.”


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