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Managing Your “To Do” List

to do list

Managing your “To Do” list can help you relax a little about all of the balls you have to hold in the air worn-out mama.

If you haven’t split your “To Do’s” into “Have To’s” and “Should Do’s” yet, check out this article first to get you started.

Read-on if you’re all ready to get some tips and tricks to making it all a little easier on yourself!

Managing Your “To Do” List: Plan Your Life

This one is going to be tough to take if organization is not your thing. You’re going to struggle at first but the climbing up hill will be worth it in the end.

Group Phone Calendar

You can plan all of your family calendar requirements with your partner using a shared calendar on your phone. Use the one that’s built in or check out some apps available to you like Cozi calendar. Cozi has other bells and whistles that will help with other “Have To’s” as well.

to do list

I go simple and create the event on my phone and then share it with my husband’s phone number. He saves the invite to his calendar and voila!

The best part about using your phone for this task works to include your on-the-go kids if they have phones too. They can’t claim ignorance when the information is in the same hand that’s been scrolling Instagram all day.

Day Planner

Phones are great for convenience but for me personally, pen and paper help me get the real picture of my life. It’s hard for me to sit and plan the next Book Club get together if I can’t see in one shot what I have going on night to night.

Ridiculously, I also like that I can get something pretty and buy fun markers to color code activities.

I’m currently using the “Reminder Binder” by Denise Albright if you need a recommendation.

  • It has the full calendar page for each month so I can see an overview.
  • It has pages with space to write ideas for each day along with a bullet-ed list area.
  • I love the Nifty Gifty Checklist page that has a spot for dates that you need to give gifts and then check boxes to mark you’ve bought a gift or card and sent it!

Managing Your “To Do” List: Meal Time Planning

Don’t leave meals to be made in the moment at the last minute. That does nothing for you but provide you stress. Use your planner to plot out what you’re going to have.

This also helps with the annoying question after school from the kiddos. “What are we going to have for dinner?” Print your calendar for the month and post it where they can see it. (Hopefully the ones asking can read!)

If you’re stuck in a rut on what to make, follow me on Pinterest and check out the board Dinner Ideas.

Freezer Meals

You have to be brave and have lots of caffeine along with hands to help for this one but it’s so worth it! Grab 30 recipes that freeze well to bag up and have ready to throw in the crockpot.

The prep time takes you a good chunk of a Saturday afternoon if you have multiple people helping to put the recipes together.

I’ve also taken some up front work out of the process by providing you recipe links and a shopping list to head to the store with if you join my email list.

managing your to do list

You’ll get the free Freezer Meal spreadsheets and tips from me weekly in your inbox. Win win!

Managing Your “To Do” List: Grocery Shopping

After you have all of your meals planned, you have to get the groceries to make them happen. Luckily there are some online options to help things go smoother for you.


Flipp is an awesome app that lets you type in the grocery items you need and match them to a local flier where you’ll get the best deal that week on the item. This saves you from hunting through all the ads each week if you’re budget conscious.

managing your to do list

You can also make your grocery list within the app so everything’s in one place.

managing your to do list

Grocery Pick-Up

This is a pro tip especially if you have littles in your house. I’ve seen the average rule of thumb to be that you spend $100 at least and they pull the groceries for you and have it available for pick-up.

Walmart’s minimum is only $30 if you want to give it a shot!

Amazon Prime Pantry

I receive a small commission for anything purchased from links for Amazon. I wouldn’t tell you about it if i didn’t love it!

I’m on the bandwagon of loving Prime. I use it monthly for things I don’t want to go to the store for or can’t find at a local store.

managing your to do list

We just recently use Prime Pantry for the first time and were pleased. We grabbed non-perishables at a good discount, like the applesauce pouches that come with veggie options for a super picky toddler in our house!

managing your to do list

You have to spend $35 to get free shipping and you won’t get everything you need but it was worth it to grab things we needed that could wait

Managing Your “To Do” List: Chores

Keep in mind that some chores are “Have To’s” and some will be “Should Do’s”. Let your “Should Do’s” take a back burner when things are rough and learn to only focus on the “Have To’s.

A mom told me once that a clean toilet was a non-negotiable for her and having it clean meant the whole house felt clean. Well, worn-out mama, this is a “Have To” for you!.

Divide Them Up

Figure out what the kiddos can do and it assign to them. Figure out what your partner is on board to take care of and assign it to them.

Download The Homey App

Homey is an excellent app for managing the housework with your kiddos. You can assign them responsibilities (non-paid) and jobs (paid).

managing your to do list

Our kids are responsible for doing their own laundry but get paid to clean the bathroom and empty trashcans. We take communal cleaning as paid items and personal messes as responsibility.

If you want to learn more, including a quick and easy tutorial, check it out here!

Worn-Out Mamas Chore Checklist

The Worn-Out Mamas Chore checklist is something I created to keep myself accountable and on track. It has items on it that are my “Have To’s” and then a section for some “Should Do’s” to try and take care of within the month.

managing your to do list

I’ve made the 12 month checklist free if you sign up for tips and tricks emailed right to you weekly. If you’re interested in learning more, click here!

Remember You Can’t Do All The Things!

There’s a great deal put on your plate you don’t get any credit for mama. Keep in mind that you can’t do them all and definitely not at 100% all of the time.

Use these tips and tricks to try and make your managing your “To Do” list a little bit easier.

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