Hospital Bag Musts for Mom: Packing for a Natural Childbirth

hospital bag musts

Hospital bag musts for natural childbirth? You don’t want to overpack and you don’t want to under pack! You want to have what you need when you need it.

Where should a worn-out momma start?!

hospital bag

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Hospital Bag Musts for Labor

Labor PowerPoint

Get the idea out of your head that you’ll be giving a presentation with a laser pointer while you’re focusing on bringing a life into this world. Really what you should have are some slides or bullet point lists you make that keep you focused on your goals.

This is helpful to have whether you are going it alone with your partner as a coach or you’ll have a Doula and or Midwife along for the ride.

Have a slide for:

  1. each stage of labor explaining what you will be feeling and things you can be doing to help labor progress
  2. slides for different exercises you can do to get baby moving in the right direction
  3. pain management reminders like counting or visualizing you’re in a calm, relaxing space
  4. things your partner can say for encouragement
  5. scriptures or mantras to repeat to encourage yourself
  6. a list of the reasons why you want to go natural

It’s going to be helpful to have for peace of mind and to have something on paper to remind you of the prep work you did beforehand to make it through a natural delivery.

hospital bag musts

Lavender Essential Oil and Diffuser

Being tense during labor works against the baby making their way out into the world. Having some lavender on hand in a diffuser can help with a little bit of relaxation or at least a reminder to try to breath through those contractions, letting your body do the work.

An added benefit is that labor comes with some smells that you would like to light a match for and nobody has time for that! Let that diffuser work in your favor while you are pooping everything left inside of you out on the table for all to see. Yep, that’s going to happen but you’ll get over it.

Slip On Shoes

While in your room, you can chill with your shoes off but you’re going to want something for walking the halls. Comfortable slips on shoes are a must.

I wore my Sketcher Yoga Sandals all through the third trimester and they were with me in the hospital. Love these shoes!

Labor Dress

You need something comfortable as well as functional to labor and birth in. My labor dress had snaps up the front, snaps up the back and snaps on the shoulders. It was made of a jersey material and I couldn’t have been more comfortable.

Snaps up the back and front help with needing to attach monitors to you. The snaps at the shoulders help you get out of the dress easily if you want to get into a tub or just need to be naked for comfort eventually. Nobody will have to undo monitors for you to get free and it’s a wonderful thing.

hospital bag musts


You’re going to be uncomfortable, duh. Having a massager handy helps give you some relief as well as give your partner something they can help with.

I would recommend a battery operated massager that vibrates or a manual roller of some sort. Stay away from ones that plugin so you aren’t tied to where you have an outlet you can use in the room.

Hospital Bag Musts for After Baby Comes

A Loose Jersey Dress

Baby is out of your body but nurses are going to poke and prod. You are going to be having very heavy period-like bleeding. You are going to be sore and tired. You will have a newborn to feed.

Comfort is the name of the game!

Things for the Shower

You’ll need a travel-size shampoo, conditioner, body wash and small shower puff. Yes, you’ll hear that they supply some things for you but they don’t care if it leaves your hair in knots or how you’re going to apply soap to your body.

Your first shower after giving birth can be comfortable instead of trying to hurry up to get out of there if you have some things you like with you.

A Tablet and Charger

There will be a TV on the wall with a remote connected to your bed. Great! But you have a sleeping husband and baby in the room.

Having a tablet makes it easier for you to read or watch some shows if you aren’t able to sleep. Nurses are coming to check on you and baby throughout the night. Sleep is not the focus unfortunately!

hospital bag musts

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding is rough on you even when you’ve spent the time with the lactation consultant to get it just right. Not only will your nipples need some love and attention but chances are your baby’s lips are going to get dry.

The hospital will supply you with packets of lanolin if you ask but I really wish I would have brought my own all-natural option. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter is amazing and will work for you and baby.

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