Gifts for Teens and Tween Girls

teen gifts

Gifts for teens can be as complicated as their hormones are if you don’t know where to start. As a worn-out mama, I’m always trying to get ahead of the game and buy presents all year round for 2 reasons.

  1. I want to avoid stores when they are filled with people on their last nerve around the holidays.
  2. I don’t want to be running to the store when my teen tells me there’s a birthday party they forgot about while my little is screaming their head off because they’re missing their nap.

Worn-out mamas, minimize your anxiety and make the task of buying gifts for teens easy by checking out the ideas that have worked out for me in the past. Each one has received a big smile on a face and no eye-rolls so that’s like a teen stamp of approval, right?

teen gifts

I’ve provided links for you below to the products that I purchased or ones similar if the exact one wasn’t available. If you purchase through my link, I get a “thank you” in the form of a small commission at no cost to you! It’s like tipping your waitress with someone else’s wallet.

Veg Out Gifts for Teens

Mermaid Tail Blankets

I don’t think I’ve come across a teen who doesn’t want to be bundled up under their own blanket that nobody else is supposed to touch. The opportunity for it to be cute and colorful is a bonus!

This purple mermaid tail blanket was a gift for my niece and her eyes lit up when she opened the present. Make sure to check how long it takes for it to ship.

Sequin Pillows (Mermaid Pillow)

Mermaid pillows are Uber popular with sequins that are different colors on either side so that you can swipe your hand and do a design or change the whole color of the pillow. Some even have a pre-made design each way you swipe.

You can get them for around $15 a piece if your purchase includes the pillow cover and pillow. If you find one for around $6, you know you are only getting the cover and need to grab the pillow from your local craft store.

The word addicting has been used to describe this gift in our house.

Beauty Gifts for Teens

Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are like adhesive wallpaper for your nails. You can get them in all sorts of prints and colors to match your teens obsession of the moment.

We have been having fun for years in our house with Jamberry nails. The activity becomes bonding time with my daughter because you have to cut them to their nail and use a hair dryer to get them to seal. Then you need to spend some time filing them.

Plenty of time for some conversation you’ve been meaning to have or to watch a show you’re enjoying together. You get them captive momma!!

Makeup Brushes

There are so many You Tube channels over how to use makeup brushes to apply makeup. My daughter is obsessed and I wish they had something like that when I was her age instead of magazines. This might be my version of I had to walk up a hill both ways to school everyday!

You can feed the need to be artistic with their makeup with a set of makeup brushes. They’re going to come with brushes you have no idea what to do with. Don’t worry, your teen just spent an hour learning how to contour with three of them.

Bath Bombs

Time away from everyone else to read or watch something on their device? Bath bombs are a winner and you can even get them with glitter included. I know because my husband accidentally bought one of those for me and I sparkled for days.

gifts for teens

Artsy Gifts for Teens

Shut Up, I’m Coloring!

I can’t take credit for this favorite because my aunt bought “Shut Up, I’m Coloring!” for my daughter. It’s journal style and compact so she can take around the house or in the car when we head out. She probably has no less than 10 adult coloring books but this one is the favorite.

The trick is to try and get her to put it away in her room!

Easel, Paints and Canvas

My teen is into painting and all things artistic so an easel, paint and canvas may not be the gift for everyone. On the other hand, how many pop-up shops are out there catering to the group canvas painting parties?

You could make this gift into a birthday party theme and grab a bundle of 14 canvases.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils

This would be a gift for the super artsy kiddo. My daughter got her Prismacolor colored pencils because she said she wanted colored pencils that weren’t waxy so that she could use them for shading.

gifts for teens

Just for Fun Gifts for Teens

Instamax Camera and Film

Getting an Instamax camera and film wins a bunch of teen points for the cool factor. You can get the camera in a variety of colors and buy a bundle with extra film and accessories. This is a long the same lines where you may not know what to do with the “extras” but your teen will.

They are going to stick those photos everywhere and have a bunch of laughs sharing with you the awkward photos they took.

LED Photo Clip Remote String Lights

Strings of lights for their bedroom is a successful gift every time. Pick one with photo clips for pictures or even their own artwork takes it up a notch.

This gift pairs well with the Instamax purchase!

Chalkboard Contact Paper and Chalkboard Markers

Pick up a chalkboard wall decal and  chalkboard markers to go with. They can cut their own shapes from the decal and decorate their walls how they want.

It’s temporary so they can change the decoration when at any time and you don’t have to buy paint!

S’ip Water Bottles

Metal water bottles in different decorations is an in thing. S’ip by S’well is the brand I stick to because I know it isn’t going to leak and will last. They always have really cute prints that teens love.

Looking for more help with a teen?

If you’re wishing they would talk to you more, check out How to Get Your Kids to Talk to You Everyday. Maybe screens are getting to the place where their use is scaring you and you want some tips on what to put in place to protect your kids? Take a look at Screens and a Technology Contract from some tips and tricks.

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