Find Stillness In The Busy-ness

find stillness in the busy-ness

Are you like most other worn-out mamas and have trouble quieting the noise in the busy times of the year? Maybe you have multiple kids in sports or one kid in multiple sports. Or perhaps you’re a stay-at-home mama with your day made up of littles running around. Could be you’re the working mom juggling 8 hours in an office and all kiddo time before you drop into your bed.

If this is you, read-on for some tips on how to find stillness in the chaos!

stillness in the busy-ness

Find Stillness in the Busy-ness: Car Time

Enjoy the car ride. Whether we work in or outside of the home, we have to use the car to go places mostly on a daily basis.

If you work outside of the home, keep something you can do quickly in your car with you to help you be still. Toss a quick mother’s devotional in the side pocket. Grab it and read it before you head into the office doors. Maybe reading a post on Today’s Parenting Community will help set your day right.

If you work in the home and your littles take up your car time too, put some songs on the car stereo for them and pop in your headphones for your phone. Give yourself a few minutes to listen to your favorite podcast or tunes you enjoy.

Find Stillness in the Busy-ness: Walk Outside

Take a walk outside. Getting out in nature helps reset something in our brains. Take time to notice the trees, animals or different styles of architecture in your neighborhood. Even with your kid in a stroller, this can feel like a break.

I know it might seem daunting to even get up and go, but think about doing it just one step at a time. It’ll be easier once you have shoes on and you’re out the door!

Find Stillness in the Busy-ness: Window Shop

Wander Target when you don’t have something specific to buy. This takes the pressure off of “shopping” and lets you relax with some window shopping instead. Checkout the end-caps with all of the clearance items. If there’s a great deal on a toy you just can’t believe, grab it up to donate to someone who does need it in their lives.

Again, you might have to have some kiddos along for the ride. You could make it a game for them to hunt for things and you stroll. “Let me know when you see someone with glasses.” or “Point out when you see something with the number 5 or the letter A.” When you’re over strolling, buy a cheap pack of gum at the checkout or something for $1 in The Dollar Spot as the reward for playing the game.

Find Stillness in the Busy-ness: Let-It-Go List

Keep a cheapy notebook to stash in your purse. Open it up when you get that overwhelming feeling of all the stuff piled up in your head you can’t control. Take a few minutes to write those things down to help you quit running them through your head all day.

If there are things in your head space you can control and it’s just become a giant list of to do’s, make the physical to do list in the book. Having the written list helps clear your head and then you’ll have something to put check marks to for release!

Find Stillness in the Busy-ness: Bath Time

If you don’t do this one already, start now! Getting yourself a bath bomb or some Epsom salts and locking yourself in the bathroom works well. Get the tablet and watch your favorite show or start a book. I recommend starting the bath after kids are in bed or getting up before they do so nobody is pounding at the door.

Can’t get time for a bath alone? Sit on the floor and do nothing while your child plays in the bath. No phone and no other distractions. Just spend the time watching your child play and enjoy some splashing around.

Find Stillness in the Busy-ness: Volunteer

Getting beyond yourself and helping other people can create a special stillness for you. You will forget what you’re normally scurrying around to get done.

You’ll make connections you wouldn’t have made otherwise and when you go back to the craziness of your life, you’ll be more thankful for what you have.

Find Your Stillness!

These are some thoughts to get you started. You probably have a list of your own of the things that help you do a reset. Maybe set a daily alert on your phone to do one thing a day to be still and enjoy the moment.

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