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Enjoy the 3rd Trimester?

third trimester

I tend to try and hurry things along to get over the anxiety of where I’m at. I end up feeling like I’m hurrying my life away to try and get to the next comfortable spot. Knowing this about myself, I was determined to enjoy the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy.

Are all of you wise mamas laughing at this yet? I REALLY wanted to be that subdued and glowing woman that cherished the time she had to feel that baby in her womb. I wanted to take the whole experience in and be able to look back and reflect that it was the most precious time where I was the only one that had an intimate relationship with the little boy growing inside of me before he came into the world for everyone else to know.


Then came the 3rd trimester “cankles” on steroids. I already don’t have slim ankles to begin with but add fluid retention and it’s quite the sight.

One of the nurses who came to get me from the waiting room before an appointment and watched me waddle on over to her just looked down at them and said, “Oh honey.” I was in the stirrups with the Dr. who has known me since I was 18 when she reached over to them and said “Whoa, these don’t belong to you!”

I bought myself a pair of stretchy yoga sandals to be able to get shoes on, put my legs as far above my head when I slept as I could, took baths with Epsom salts, drank so much water I had to turn and go back to the bathroom after I had just left, but those suckers never budged.


Next was the hiatal hernia from hell. I knew I had one and could normally keep it in check. That is until I had a human being inside of me pushing it upwards every breath that I took.

If I ate past 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I was revisiting what I ate in my sleep.

My husband would ask how well I slept in the mornings after he watched me try to make it through with 4 pillows under my head and 3 under my feet for elevation. I looked like I was sleeping on a malfunctioning Posture Pedic bed!

I would respond with how many times I threw up in my mouth as his answer. He stopped asking.

Back Pain

Finally, the added treat, was my son and his big little booty was perched up on the right side of my stomach with his feet kicking out the same side. It ended up shortening my leg on the right side, twisting up muscles in my back, and causing it to be painful to do things like, well, sit.

For that I went to a chiropractor and had many PT appointments, one where she taught me to twist and tweak muscles on the vulva to help.

Yes, you read that right.  It was a special visit that not many people “get” to have in their life. It’s a technique that you hope you get right the first time so that, God forbid, you don’t have to lay there longer and get critiqued.

Stuck at Home

So, I spent the last few weeks of the 3rd trimester working from home because I couldn’t drive a car. People were coming around to take care of me while I hoped and prayed I could find a way to relish the time I had left.

I messaged a new mom’s group I was in so that they could help me find a gem that would get me through with a smile on my face and a blessing in my heart. They.Had.Nothing.

3rd trimester struggling to make it through mom, there is nothing. Nothing but knowing that what my mom says about teenagers is the same for babies in the womb.  God makes them difficult to deal with so that you can let them go, apparently to college, or down the birth canal!

Want Another Laugh?

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