Documenting Baby’s First Year

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Documenting baby’s first year is something your littles can look back on when they become bigs. It’s a fun way for them to feel a connection to you they won’t have with anyone else. They can even use it to compare when they eventually have their own littles one day!

Are you feeling overwhelming guilt thinking of tracking your baby’s first year and not feeling like you have the time or energy? Check out the tips below to make the tracking quick and easy to check off the list and relieve some guilt!

documenting baby's first year

Documenting Baby’s First Year: Pick One Day A Week

Designate one day a week that you will sit down and document something about your little. If you set the day and time, you are less likely to not to it and not let it take up space in your brain the rest of the time that week. Make it non-negotiable and just do it.

I picked Sunday afternoons because we always have lunch at my parents. I work on it while my mom and I sit and chat about the week.

Documenting Baby’s First Year: Pick An Option To Track

On Your Phone


You’re probably already on Facebook daily and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to do a weekly or a monthly post about your kiddos milestones.  Mine for our little are posted monthly with the typical stickers and some highlights of milestones for the month. I write them in first person because I stole the idea from my sister!

documenting baby's first year

The Bump App

You can track your baby’s picture by week and add a caption of any milestones they accomplished. The Bump will also offer articles to read on what to be expecting each week as well as hot topics for the time period.

documenting baby's first year

If you already used The Bump for your pregnancy, it’s super easy to continue the trend of reporting each week in the app.

Getting into the app and snap the photo then jot down a quick few words about something cute from your week.

The drawback is that you’ll have to upload pictures one at a time and transfer your thoughts to wherever you want to house a final product. But keeping them organized by week for you is a bonus and it’s free!

documenting baby's first year

On Your Phone And Your Computer

The following options have apps and websites to visit from your tablet or computer so you have some flexibility there.


Qeepsake will text you questions about your kiddo and keep track of them by date to be able to use to create your own baby book or pay a fee monthly to send photos and order a book made by them at the end. You also have access to an app for additional information and tracking.

documenting baby's first year
Qeepsake Lite (Free version) – gets you one texted question a week and you can’t download a book at the end. This would just be used for you to track and make your own book elsewhere in the end.

documenting baby's first year

$1.99  a month version – 3 texted questions a week, the ability to add your own journal entries online along with being able to upload photos. You unlock the option to order a baby book in this plan.

documenting baby's first year

$2.99 a month version – up to 2 questions texted a day, and everything in the $1.99 plan plus the ability to text up to 10 photos a month.

documenting baby's first year

$7.99 plan – gets you 4 texted questions daily, everything in version $2.99 and upload 50 pictures via text! You also get to add a partner in this plan to help with comments and upkeep.


You can take your photos from Facebook or Instagram and make them into photo books using Chatbooks. The downside is that they don’t print text with the images so you will need to manually write notes somewhere to handwrite later in your book. The upside is it’s super easy and quick to use.

documenting baby's first year

Shutterfly Baby Book

*The Shutterfly links below are affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any purchases made through these links. They make products that I love and I hope you will too!

We do family photo albums every year as one of the family Christmas presents using Shutterfly. I’m in the process now of uploading photos combined with my milestone tracking to make a baby book.

documenting baby's first year

The upside is that you can track from Week 1 through the whole year in one location and make a finished product! I don’t really see any downside to this one.

I didn’t track week by week in the tool so I’m using my first year calendar along with Facebook posts to help me create mine.

The other thing I really like about making Shutterfly books is if they get ruined, I can just order a reprint!

Low Tech

The following three recommendations are what your parents or grandparents used but styled for today.

*I’ve added some links to some cuties I found for your convenience. If you make a purchase through a link, I earn a small commission as a thank you for the recommendation!

Baby’s First Year Calendar

The good old baby calendar might make the most sense if you can get into a routine. Stick to the one day a week to write in it and you’re set.

You can use text messages with significant other, friends and family to keep track of what happened. You also probably posted some cute sayings or pictures of things they got into on Facebook to draw on for ideas.

The drawback to this one is they aren’t normally photo based if that’s important to you. The upside is it’s quick and easy to organize your thoughts.

Baby Book

Baby books are filled with prompts to get you filling out what makes your baby unique and help you track milestones. There will be spots for photos along with memories.

The downside is you’ll have to get pictures printed to paste in the book. The upside is the book is the finished product in the end.

Baby Scrapbook

Scrapbooking can be a release of creative energy along with helping you document what’s going on with baby. There are so many fun styles, scissors, stickers and you name it out there for you to get your creativity on.

It might seem overwhelming to take on at first or like you might spend your whole paycheck making it happen. Before you jump into this project, checkout Scrapbook on a Budget for some great ideas on how to have some fun and keep some money in your pocket too!

Documenting Baby’s First Year: Keep Calm and Document On

The mom guilt is so unnecessary. The world totally gets having to create one more thing on top of everything else is overwhelming and there’s no shame in feeling that weight.

The great part is it doesn’t have to be heavy, just get started! Pick your method, pick your day of the week or month and start documenting all of the precious memories that everyone will love to look back on.

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