Cloth Diapers for Noobs: Picking the Type and Must Have Accessories

cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are probably not the first pick of most parents. Disposables are easy when the rest of having a baby around the house is complicating everything out the whazoo! I totally get it worn-out mommas.

I’m going to share with you why we made the decision in our crazy busy house to go cloth and the things we have to make the process of caring for them as quick and easy as possible.

I’ve provided links for you below to the products that I purchased or ones similar if the exact one wasn’t available. If you purchase through my link, I get a “thank you” in the form of a small commission at no cost to you! It’s like tipping your waitress with someone else’s wallet.

Why Cloth Diapers?

The Main Reason

My main reason for choosing to avoid the simple solution of dropping a diaper in a trashcan was the knowledge that $.27 per diaper was in the garbage with it. So, you’re taking $2.50 everyday and giving it to Pampers.  If you go the Honest route, they’ll gladly take your $3.40 a day.

$75 will be leaving your bank account monthly for poop. If someone sold poop on the shelf in the store, would you buy it?! Who on Earth would buy hypoallergenic poop for $100 a month?

cloth diapers

Yes, cloth diapers have an up-front cost of about $20 for the really good and long-lasting versions along with about $15 a month to launder them. You can beat the cost here on the diapers and search for some other momma who is ready to sell hers. We ended up getting 23 diapers and most of the accessories we needed for only $200 on Offer Up!

Don’t worry about them being clean enough for your kiddo second-hand because you can get a company to “strip” them for you or do it yourself at home to get them bacteria free.

The Side Benefit

A side benefit that came from cloth diapering is less diaper rash for my kiddo. We use disposable diapers when we go out of the house to make things easy. If he’s been in them for most of the day, I’m treating some heat and diaper rashes for the poor guy.

So, if you’re in the process of deciding or are all in on the cloth diapers decision, read-on.

Picking Your Cloth Diapers

AIO or Pocket Diapers

You have the option of AIO (All-In-One) where the diaper is all put together and you wash the whole thing as one unit. Or you can pick the Pocket Diaper which means you wash inserts and outside liners deconstructed then put them back together before use again.

Pocket diapers is what we use because it was my best deal second-hand and it doesn’t seem like a big chore to me to put them together.

Pocket Diapers Need Inserts

We use microfiber inserts for daytime. They seem to hold less liquid but since we’re changing them every few hours unless there’s poop, we don’t have leakage issues. Two inserts seem to do just fine.

For night time, we use a combination of microfiber along with some thicker hemp inserts that absorb more liquid. Our formula that works is two of the microfiber and one hemp insert.

You’ll probably have to play with what works best for the size of your kiddos bladder!

Snaps or Velcro

I read up on this before I started my hunt to buy cloth diapers second-hand. The reviews on Velcro were that it tends to wear out and you need to replace them at some point.

I was already signing up for more up front cost and extra labor for the laundry. Spending time ripping out strips of Velcro and sewing new strips on? Fat chance!

Snaps mean that you can adjust the diaper to fit more specifically to your child over time. I read that sometimes the snaps can break but still less issues than the Velcro.

My seller had all snaps and I couldn’t be happier with them! One diaper had one broken snap and it’s the only one with that issue out of the bunch.

gross stories

Must Have Accessories

Poop Liners

My husband, being the main diaper changer as a stay-at-home-dad, needed some convincing when I wanted to go cloth. Poop liners that you lay on top of the inside of the diaper before snapping it to your kiddo was the way I sold him on the idea. This makes it so you have less pre-wash clean-up, less poop handling!

We use the Gro Via all-natural bio liners and they come in a roll of 200 for around $10. You just shake the liner off into the trash can and the majority of the poop goes with it if it’s solid. They still help if you have loose poo but you’ll need the next tool as well.

Bidet Toilet Sprayer

You’re going to need a bidet sprayer to attach to your toilet. It gets connected to your existing piping and you turn water on and off to the sprayer by a knob.

We purchased the Joyway Bidet Toilet Sprayer but I don’t think brand really matters here. I would make sure that it comes with a little hanging attachment for the toilet tank so that you aren’t left with the option to just having it lying around on the ground.

**WARNING**You have to use this product in combination with the next product. If you don’t, think poop being sprayed with a fire hose in your bathroom. Things.Will.Get.Out.Of.Control.

Spray Pal

This is more than your friend, it is your protector from poo spatter!

The Spray Pal works by holding the cloth diaper clipped inside of a shield that you hold over the toilet while you use the bidet sprayer. The shield is rounded to fit to the contour of the toilet.

Practice this mommas and remember to make sure the shield is pretty much in the toilet and that you are spraying down. I’m trying to keep you from cleaning poo off of your floor and ceiling.

The “Pal” can be your “frenemy” if you aren’t careful!

Something to Hold Dirty Diapers

This one is up to you! We use a combination of a large wet bag and a basket. You could also use a Diaper Genie or something like it if you want.

Whatever you store them in, you’re not going to want to leave them more than a couple of days or you’re going to have a big stink on your hands!

All-Natural Diaper Rash Cream

Although you’ll probably have a ton less diaper rash than with a disposable, you’ll still need to have diaper rash cream occasionally. You have to use an all-natural version so that it doesn’t create a seal in your diaper causing it to not be absorbent.

A non-absorbent diaper is just little booty decoration people.

We use the natural version on Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and it works like a miracle, no joke. Have a wipe ready for your hand and a little goes along way! I’ve also used it on rashes my little gets under his chin and it clears it right up.

Ready, Set, Diaper!

Ok exhausted momma, you got this! Just a little bit more work to save yourself a good chunk of change over two years of your baby’s life. Get the diapers, grab the accessories and diaper on!

Need a Laugh?

Now that you’ve adulted over diapers you might need to have a laugh at the funnier side of poop. Checkout Gross Kid Stories: My Top 3…So Far!





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