Chores Toddlers Can Do

toddler chores

Have a LO running around with lots of energy and need somewhere do direct it worn-out mama? Give them some chores toddlers can do while you are working around the house.

They’ll feel important and you’ll catch a break from trying to figure out which room they just went into! Read-on for some easy ideas to get you started.

Chores Toddlers Can Do: Clean Up After They Eat

Littles just need a little direction and they have the ability to pick up after themselves when they’re done eating.

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Clean Their Tray

More than likely, you have them in a contained spot to eat their food that has it’s own tray attached. If you’re letting them feed themselves, that tray is pretty covered by the time they are done!

Offer them a bowl to put all of the scraps they didn’t eat in and help them with the process the first few times.

After the scraps are cleared, offer them a wet wipe to finish the job.

Pick Up Food on the Floor

Your toddler probably tossed a few items on the floor and, unless you have a four-legger, there is food to be picked up at the end of their meal.

You can offer them another bowl to put the food into or you can get them a little dust pan to practice sweeping with.

Wash Their Dishes

Grab a small bucket that you can put a small amount of soapy water into. Give them a scrub brush, their utensils, sippy cup and maybe a plate to scrub in the bucket.

Still throw them in the dishwasher when they’re done but they are going to think they are so cool to get to help with this one!

toddler chores

Chores Toddler Can Do: Help With the Laundry

That probably sounds pretty crazy to you as you think of older members in your house-hold that might not even be able to do that. Hear me out!

toddler chores

Put Clothes in the Washer and Dryer

If you have front-loading appliances, you can put the clothes in front of the washer and have them pick them up and put them in.

Top-loading appliances, you will have to have them hand you the items to put in or supervise them on a chair.

Hand You Hangers

Grab a pile of hangers and put them on the floor where your kiddo can reach. As you go through your stack that needs to be hung up, ask them to hand you a hanger.

toddler chores

Simple and they think it’s fun to play with the stack of hangers!

Put Away Their Clothes

You’ll need to have bins for them to put things into instead of drawers or hanging in their closet for this to work. We reused the ones we had from the baby stages where I needed things organized and close for breastfeeding.

toddler chores

We have bins for shoes, socks, pj’s and cloth diapers in our living room where we get ready to go outside or ready for bed.

Ask them to pick up their shoes when they’ve taken them off and throw them in the bin. After pairing socks, have them toss them in that bin. You get it.

Chores Toddlers Can Do: Dust

All you need is a small dry cloth and show them how to wipe the wood. They don’t really need to be doing a great job taking care of the dust. They will just really enjoy the motion of wipe or making circles on the wood with the cloth.

Caution that you need to remove all cloths that have wiped their noses because it becomes a dust cloth after they learn to do this…I’ve heard from a friend.

Chores Toddlers Can Do: Trust Me

Try some of the easiest ones to get you started like cleaning up their tray. Once they have that step down, add another one to it and watch them get excited.

They will love being helpful and getting to try new things. They’ll even start to pick some “chores” to do on their own.

Our toddler makes it his duty to make sure the safety latch is on our trash can and the pantry door closed so he can’t get into trouble. Yes, our toddler has better baby proofing follow-up than we do!

Need some more help with Toddlers?

Checkout the tips for toddler discipline that will be a game changer!

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