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Binge-Worthy Shows for Breastfeeding


Binge-worthy shows for breastfeeding is a much needed list for a worn-out mama! You are going to spend so much time in a chair not hands-free. Plus, you need something to relax the mind so your body can focus on feeding a tiny human.


Binge-Worthy Shows For Breastfeeding: Netflix Options

Have a Netflix subscription? Then these next options are for you mama!

Call The Midwife

True confession that I didn’t watch Call The Midwife during my season of breastfeeding but binged it during pregnancy. I still think it works to watch while cuddled up with your little remembering your own childbirth to bring that tiny human into the world.

Lots of laughs and tears watching this nun-lead group of midwives bring babies into a world of down-to-earth mama’s right in their own homes!


Not sure why, but I didn’t grab onto Parenthood when it was on TV. I was thankful to have it as a new mama though. A show that walks through the reality a big family faces in today’s world was much needed to keep me engaged and tearing up.

Pretty Little Liars

PLL was another binge-before-baby and is worth your time if you’re looking for baby-free content. Tracking down who the biznatch is messing with teenagers lives season to season is entertaining and won’t tie up too many of your emotions that might be held up in some postpartum depression.

Binge-Worthy Shows For Breastfeeding: Hulu Options

If Hulu is your thing, check out these gems to keep you occupied!


I’m a fan of True Crime and so this night time news show does it for me. They also mix in some feel-good rescue story or even a compilation of the best romance or Christmas movies.

You won’t have to remember ploy lines or characters from show to show. There’s also the ability to jump around if you’re not feeling a topic.


Chance is a Hulu original about a therapist who basically breaks all of the rules therapists should have but you love him anyway. There’s love, violence, crazy twists and turns but no babies.

Another entertaining choice for getting away from it all.

The Curse of Oak Island

This one wasn’t available while I was breastfeeding but I became obsessed right along with the treasure hunters in The Curse of Oak Island. These men risk all of their money to make a child’s dream of buried treasure come true.

A true story that seems too crazy to be true. If Goonies was a favorite for you, this just might be your jam!

Binge-Worthy Shows For Breastfeeding: Amazon Prime Video Options

Stop some of the online shopping for just a minute and catch up on these finds!

The Americans

Russians impersonating Americans during the Cold War made for such great television that I never watched while it was on regular TV. The Americans another escape show with no babies in sight and will have you wondering if your neighbors are watching you!

The Man In the High Castle

An Amazon original that takes a look at what life would be like if Hitler and the Axis powers won WWII, The Man In the High Castle does not disappoint. You’ll get a good look at perspective and learned to love characters that you should hate.

There are a good deal of people to keep straight so if pregnancy brain has left you wanting some memory powers, you might skip this one.

Binge-Worthy Shows For Breastfeeding: HBO Options

HBO isn’t just for Sex In the City anymore. (I won’t think less of you if you binge all seasons all over again though. #worthit)

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is written by the same author as Gone Girl and keeps the same theme of stringing you on until the end to see the whole crazy, messed up, picture. It’s full of wounded characters that are hopefully going through insane life circumstances not like your own. Enjoy an escape!

Big Little Lies

Another series based on a best-selling book, Big Little Lies tells the story of lives intersecting through some snobbery at a local school. You’ll love some peeps, you’ll hate a few but a good time will be had while yelling at the screen.

Whatever you pick mama, know that the show will always be tied to holding your little one and will create a sweet memory!

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