Before Baby Comes To Do’s

before baby comes

Before baby comes is precious time where your brain is going to go into hyper-drive on things you should be doing. You’re going to think everything needs to be done and make you will become super crazy pants.

Use these seven suggestions to keep you focused and conserve some of your energy worn-out momma!

before baby comes

#1 List Everything You Want Done and Prioritize

Make the Crazy List

Before baby comes, your hormones are going to want everything perfect and that’s unrealistic. Make the list of everything that’s in your brain that you think needs to be done.

Take time away from the list and try to come back with an open mind on what “has to” be done. The entire to-do-list you had for your partner for the last few years can’t take top billing.

Pick Top Items for Baby

Highlight the things on the list that impact the baby and move out from there. I made the baby’s room #1, but truth be told, it could have waited. Our little slept beside our bed for months.

The next priority is what things will need to be finished in order for you to keep your sanity.

#2 Get Some Plastic Bins or Buckets

You are going to be nursing or bottle feeding every other hour. In between that, you are going to be changing diapers. Sometimes your feeding or changing is going to require an outfit change for your nugget.

Use plastic containers to house extra diapers, burp clothes and clothes. Put one in a handy place in every room where you’ll spend time with baby. Replenish their supply when you do laundry.

You can also throw some handy packets of snacks in the buckets for breastfeeding time.

#3 Make Freezer Meals

You are not going to have the energy to want to make dinners. If you’re lucky, some friends have offered to bring you meals but that’s not going to last for long. You need to make about 30 meals of your own to take the pressure to cook off of your family.

Take the Shopping List and Load Up

First, click here and sign up for my 30 freezer meal freebie. You can use the links to print a copy of each of the recipes. Take the shopping list to the grocery store and load up.

While you’re at the store, get some gallon zip lock bags and some sharpies to write the names of the meals.

Don’t pass out at the checkout counter at the total cost of your cart. This takes the place of most of your shopping for a month. You’ll have dinners and leftovers for lunches.

Gather the Girlfriends

Have those friends over on a Saturday instead and have them bring their cooking supplies. Cutting boards, knives, measuring spoons and cups. Trust me that people are looking for ways to help you and don’t know how.

You’re all set after you get a few bottles of wine and some pizza for everyone else to enjoy while you use them for slave labor! Throw on the movie Knocked Up to get the laughs going.

before baby comes

#4 Put Together Must Haves for the Bathroom

Going to the bathroom is going to be a whole new experience after delivery. There will be blood and fear of pooping, especially if you had any tears.

Stool Softeners: Lifesavers in a Gel Capsule

Be prepared and get a bottle of stool softeners. The hospital will supply them while you’re there but you need them for home too. That fear to poop will lessen when you have these.

Tucks Medicated Pads: Same Ones You Might Have For Hemorrhoids

Everyone is going to tell you to make yourself some padsicles and store them in the freezer. I would skip this and just buy yourself some Tucks Medicated Pads.

My hospital provided them while I was there. They had me use 3 of them, overlapping in my underwear. The witch hazel in them, which is one of the ingredients in padsicles, is already cooling and it takes so much less effort!

Thick Pads: The Kind You’ve Avoided Since Jr High

Grab a Costco supply of the thickest pads you can get! Thick means absorption for the blood as well as more applied pressure for the Tucks pads.

You will need them whether you had a C-section or vaginal delivery.

Mesh Underwear: Disposable Granny Panties

If you’ve read any articles about what to take home from the hospital, you know to stock up on mesh underwear. These things become your butt’s best friend. They are comfortable and disposal for when you get blood on them.

Peri Bottle: Gentle Warm Fountain for Your Hooha

They’ll give you a peri bottle at the hospital so no need to buy one but make sure it lives in your bathroom. The warm water helps rinse you after peeing because you can’t wipe with toilet paper. It also will bring you some comfort before reapplying some Tucks pads.

#5 Create a Self-Care List

Before baby comes, you have some time to yourself that just naturally happens. After you bring that nugget home, you’re going to be the source of life for your new little even after they are no longer setting up shop in your womb. The feeding, pooping and sleeping is all dependent on you.

With all of that dedicated “Me” time for mini you, you need to come up with some things you can do to take care of you. They don’t have to be big things but you do need to do them. All baby all of the time makes mommy crazy. Nobody needs a crazy mom, especially you.

Feeding Time Fun

Breastfeeding or feeding time can be time for you. Catch up on a book on your Kindle or watch an episode of your favorite binge-watching show on Netflix.. Of course sometimes you’ll want to enjoy looking at your baby but they eat a lot.

Nap Time Pamper Time

If you have your mother or MIL helping during the first few days or weeks, maybe one of the nap times you sneak off to go and get a quick mani-pedi or a blow out since you won’t really want to do much with your hair for a while.

before baby comes

#6 Have Sex With Your Partner

You are either groaning at this or feel like it’s a great idea. This means your husband feels the opposite.

You are going to be large and in charge at this point which probably doesn’t feel sexy. One of you will feel like there’s a baby “in the way” which is a big turn-off.

This is going to take planning and creativity to pull off but GET ‘ER DONE! It’s important for your relationship and feeling connected with your partner.

Don’t wait 3 months of the last trimester and then 6 weeks after baby to have sex. It helps nobody.

#7 Treat Every Kick as Special

Before baby comes, you’re the only one that knows them intimately. Try to celebrate the miracle of these last weeks as much as you can with how miserable you are!

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