Baby Sleep Products

baby sleep products

Sleep is a precious gift for a worn-out mama when baby is little. You are already on edge worrying about whether or not you’re doing things the “right way” thanks to hormones. If your baby isn’t sleeping, you’re not sleeping and nobody is happy.

Check-out some of these wonderful products alone or in tandem to get your little to sleep so you can enjoy some as well!

baby sleep products
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Baby Sleep Products: Rock N’ Play

The Fisher-Price Auto Rock N’ Play Sleeper is a life-saver. So soft and cozy for your little one along with gently rocking them while they fall asleep. It has different music options that it can play for baby as well.

The position they are seated in is at an incline to help with any re-flux issues they might have or for easier breathing when they have a cold with a stuffy nose.

Pick the same time every night to put them to “bed” in this miracle worker and they will start on the right path towards a sleep schedule!

Baby Sleep Products: Velcro Swaddles

SwaddleMe velcro swaddles make wrapping your little as easy as it can get. Keeping those arms and legs tucked in tight helps baby from waking themselves us from sudden jolts their bodies can make.

You should have plenty on hand to not have to wash everyday and only use them until baby can roll themselves over for safety.

Baby Sleep Products: Pacifiers

Are you camp “no pacifier” because of nipple confusion? Grab some Tommy Tippee pacifiers and you won’t be sorry. They shape them to be as close to mom as possible to avoid baby wanting a pacifier over the real thing.

You can offer the pacy only at bedtime or use it other times to help them soothe! The choice is yours and ignore all judgement from yourself or others if it gets the job done.

Baby Sleep Products: Sound Machine

The HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine gets used every nap and bed time in our house. You can set it for white noise, thunder, ocean, rain and summer night. There’s the option for it to run continuously or automatically shut off.

Running this continuously will help drown out other sounds that might be going on in your house. Less chances to disrupt that precious sleeping baby!

Baby Sleep Products: Vibrating Pack N’ Play

Picking a Pack N’ Play that has a vibrating option built in helps so much when trying to transition out of a Rock N’ Play if baby is able to roll over. You still have some gentle motion happening for soothing but you allow baby the space they need o move around. They also have the option to play music like the Rock N’Play!

Baby Sleep Products: Pull-String Stuffed Animal

Hanging a pull-string stuffed animal off of the side of a crib or Pack N’Play really helps as your little one gets older if you use it early on in their development. Place them down for bedtime and pull the string to play lullaby music. It will mean “sleepy time” and a way for them to self soothe later on when they can pull the string on their own.

My little guy will wake up sometimes when he knows he’s not ready to get up. He will pull the string on his teddy bear to put himself back to sleep!

Baby Sleep Products: Books

The soothing and consistent sound of your voice can get your kiddo to that eyes droopy stage no matter what age. Start the routine early and stick with it every night. Pick stories that are calm and spend time talking about the pictures in soft and soothing tones.

If you’re not sure where to get started, below are some titles that are favorites in my house!

Mama Sleep!

Grab some of these products or a few to coordinate together to help you get the rest that you need. Just remember to put them down when they’re sleepy, not asleep, and keep to a routine no matter what products you decide to use.

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