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I'm Jessica Kessinger. I live in the Kansas City area with my husband, a ten year-old, a tweenager, an infant, two dogs and a cat. In my career life I have swung the pendulum from middle school educator to corporate manager. From experience in my personal life and work life, I have earned my master’s degree in herding cats. To learn more:

Mom Life

I'm telling it like it is from littles to bigs, from pats on the back to epic failures! I'm sharing things to make you laugh, cry, and possibly gag. I'm going to be genuine because none of us are perfect and we need to see someone else that takes an extra trip to the bathroom or the closet to hide from their kid.

Mom Lifestyle

Let's put the "Me" in "Mom" sometimes ladies. Uh. Ok, there's no me in mom but there should be! I'm going to share some things I know that will be just for us moms and not about the kids. I'm dropping some knowledge bombs about shopping, my favorite things that should be yours, and maybe just some things to read or watch to keep you sane.

From pregnancy to parenting for the worn out momma...

Baby Whisperer

My baby boy came into the world in late September and nobody knew what he needed. We were all watching […]

Daily Boutique Deals